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Welcome to Poland

I am very pleased that you are considering studying at Poznan University of Technology. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for here, that is studies at a high, European level, interesting research opportunities and attractive extracurricular activities. Our University currently with its about 21 thousand students and more than 11 hundred academic staff, is one of the leading technical universities in Poland.
It has become one of the most
recognized landmarks
of the Wielkopolska region,
where industry is perfectly
combined with education
and culture.
We are proud of this.

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  • When does the academic year at Polish universities start and end?
  • How to apply to study in Poland?
  • Do I need visa or passport?
  • Do schools offer a financial aid for students from abroad?
  • Is the health insurance required?
  • Is the Bologna system in force in Poland?
  • What is the average monthly cost of living in Poland?
  • Where can I live in Poland?
  • Do schools offer a financial aid for students from abroad?
  • Where is the best to open a bank account?
  • What kind of privileges do I have as a Polish student?
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Education in Poland

In 2007 the Bologna system was introduced in Poland. Thanks to this tertiary education is coherent with the European standards. The Bologna system divides the study into three stages: Bachelor (BA, BSc), Master (MA, MSc), Doctor (PhD).

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