Biology and science studies

The category of biological and science studies it is worth to include areas that are associated with biology, chemistry, physics, and geography. These studies are perfect for people who are fascinated with nature and laws of the immediate world. Mostly the classes are of very practical characteristic where students work in labs or outside.

Biological-science studies are marked by its interdisciplinary nature and the preparedness for understanding and interpreting the phenomena occurring at different levels of biological organization. Graduates from biological and science majors sometimes are specialists in very narrow fields but they can connect knowledge from many disciplines thanks to which they may find and get very practical occupation.

After graduating from biological and science studies they can work in units dealing with the protection and remediation of the environment, research institutes, centers of plant and animal breeding, education, public administration and local government institutions dealing with restructuring and spatial fitting-rural areas, agricultural advisory centers, or in scientific and popular journals.

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