Humanistic studies

A wide offer of humanities is an interesting proposition for those candidates who don’t glow with joy to maths, physics, chemistry or biology. Instead, they love to read, are interested in culture, literature, art, history, media, social relationships, or the influence of politics on the world and people.

Humanities give us knowledge in many areas. These studies educate open-minded, broad-minded, creative and flexible, able to see life and people whole graduates. Alums of humanities, depending on the major, may work as: trainers, journalists, PR/marketing staff, client counselors, teachers, tutors, art historians, cultural experts, ethnologists, historians, service sales specialists.

Humanists take jobs in advertising houses, media, opinion research institutes, cultural and educational institutions, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), international corporations, funds, or non-governmental organizations. The asset of the humanists is creativity, flexibility, excellent communication, interpersonal skills, and ability to resolve conflicts, the ability to negotiate.

These skills make them valuable employees in many enterprises and more often allowed them to pursue the business career.

School list

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42-200 Częstochowa
ul. Nadrzeczna 7
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+48 (34) 365 58 02,
76-200 Słupsk
ul. Arciszewskiego 22a
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+48 (59) 84 05 327,
00-068 Warszawa
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 5
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+48 (22) 826 62 51,
26-600 Radom
ul. Malczewskiego 29
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+48 (48) 361 80 00,
31-027 Kraków
ul. Św. Tomasza 43
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+48 (12) 422 04 55,
90-419 Łódź
al. Kościuszki 4
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+48 (42) 272 51 77, 272 51 78,