Pedagogical studies

A person who is patient, likes working with people and children and who is able to bequeath knowledge is a perfect candidate to study pedagogy.
Pedagogy is overwhelmingly chosen by girls. Boys are a small percentage of this field of study. Graduates of pedagogy have the general knowledge of pedagogy, sociology and psychology that is vital in understanding of social and cultural aspect of education.
The most popular are: rehabilitation pedagogy, the early school education, welfare-educational pedagogy, art pedagogy, childcare, early child education with logotherapy, cultural education, pedagogy of safety and crisis management, art therapy and cultural animation, andragogy, work education and security in industry, work education and career counseling, employee of social services and many others.

Graduates of pedagogy may find employment in: the education sector, educational institutions, specialist clinics, factories, nursing homes, colleges child, courts, reformatory and penitentiary, health service, social prevention institutions, centers for addicts, juvenile shelters, associations of education, training departments of companies.

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