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The Painting 1st Degree Programme prepares graduates for independent artistic work as well as for active participation in the existing art market.

Available specialisation:

  • easel painting

The Painting 1st Degree Programme prepares graduates for independent artistic work as well as for active participation in the existing art market.

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Program kształcenia na kierunku painting

The syllabus, built on the basis of the educational standards required for a Degree in Painting, consciously combines the latest research in the field of broadly understood painting (new media, scenography, graphics, photography, intermedia, and the basics of interior design) with classic easel and architectural painting techniques, technical skills and a broad knowledge of art history.

Teaching Methods are based on creating mechanisms of encouragement and conditions for the active participation of students in scientific and artistic activities outside the University (the organization of exhibitions, conferences of students and young academics, support for the activities of student groups).

Students are encouraged to participate in foreign exchange programmes e.g. within the Erasmus Program with such universities as:

  • The University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany
  • Catholic University of Ružomberok in Slovakia
  • The Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica
  • The University of Zadar in Croatia
  • The University of Rijeka
  • The Art and Design University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • The Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, Italy
  • The Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara
  • The University of Ostrava
  • The Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts
  • Lviv National Academy of Arts
  • The Transcarpathian Art Institute
  • Hue University, Vietnam
  • Yanshan University, China
  • Tunis University

The faculty staff actively cooperate with international, foreign and domestic institutions of science, culture and art in Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Czechia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, China, Canada and the USA, both with governmental agencies and with local governments.

Faculty members organize or co-organize many artistic events of international, national and local character (such as international plein-airs, exhibitions, creative workshops, symposiums and conferences).

Przedmioty maturalne i zasady rekrutacji na kierunku painting

Criteria for secondary school exit exam concerning the so-called "new matura" (Exam from 2005 and subsequent years)

  • baccalaureat diploma grade (10% of total score)
  • A qualifying interview in form of a videoconference combined with a review of works (90% of total score)
  • Portfolio should include:

- candidates biography (maximum 1000 characters)
- artwork made in varius techniques
- to the portfolio could be included films and animations
- portfolio should be prepared in a single pdf file (films and animations should be inserted as hiperlink)
- candidate coul put links to his online gallery or www pages

Single file must not exceed 40 MB.

Perspektywy pracy po kierunku painting

The graduate of the first degree course in painting, specialization: easel painting - receives the professional title of a licencjat sztuki (English equivalent: Bachelor of Arts).

The graduate of the first degree course possesses knowledge and skills of artistic expression in the field of painting as well as general knowledge of contemporary art and culture. They are prepared to disseminate and popularize art in art centers and community centers based on acquired knowledge and their own artistic experience.

Their acquired skills can also be used in advertising and local government cultural institutions.

The graduate knows and understands all the details of a painter's craft. They have the basis of workshop education (easel painting, wall painting, drawing, new media in art) with the possibility of expanding it within additional specializations (graphics, scenography) supported by theory and history of art and culture, aesthetics, philosophy and based on professional ethics. They are fully prepared to consciously and actively participate in contemporary artistic and intellectual life.

They are prepared to take up studies of the second degree (graduate studies).

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