Medical physics

Medical Physics is a course of studies run jointly by FMPI and by Gdańsk Medical University. The sophisticated modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment causes difficulties to purely medically educated persons. On the other hand, physicists of pure scientific background who understand physical background of such an equipment, do not possess necessary medical knowledge how the human body is constructed, how does it work and how is it sick. Therefore, there is a need to bridge the gap.

The student obtains the necessary medical knowledge in anatomy, physiology, some fields of therapy and in the physics of the principles governing the actions of the medical apparatus (to operate, to calibrate, to evaluate the obtained data). Finally, due to his/her medical education medical physicist is able to cooperate with medical personnel who does the clinical interpretation of the data.

Creation of the very close cooperation between physicists - operators of the equipment and medicals - curing the patients seems to be of great importance especially in the radiology, the nuclear medicine and the radiotherapy, when the radiative methods are applied against cancer and many kinds of other malicious ulcers. Such a cooperation is forced by proper rules in the field of the health protection system.

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